Like a stone. by Daniel Parent

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I’ll let you know next week’s lottery numbers.

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"everything i said, it’s not real. i was just playing the game."

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that moment when dean had a full on panic attack

He didn’t have panic attacks at any other point. This is the one. He freaked out sometimes, but literally the only thing that can send Dean Winchester into a panic attack is his Baby being missing.

The Impala is Dean’s home, his only home. This is like walking down your street and finding that your house has burned down.

^^That was deep ^^

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Harry Potter ▸ Minimalism

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If he slay me, he does fair justice.

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#NEVER> OVER TEENAGE REACTION DEAN #THE COLD SHOUDER #THEY’RE BATTLING HEAVEN AND HELL AND SAM IS DYING AND DEAN IS LIKE #how do i show cas i’m rlyrly mad at him? #oh i’ll LOOK AT HIM but not acknowledge him verbally #that’ll burn. that’ll burn deep #AND IT DOES STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS #i hate them (via sillyoldwolf)

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Looking mighty fine here Loki, way to go. 


If i ever see any of you in public, the code is


that way we know we’re from tumblr without revealing anything

"Don’t lose it over one man."

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in the flesh gif/photoset challenge; (2) Organizations

Undead Liberation Army, ULA

“The Undead Liberation Army is about protecting The Redeemed from the Living. Because no one else will.”

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