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Wolf by Ashley

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“I mean, that’s the reason he’ll never win, because he’s motivated by hate and the haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end.” — Tom Hiddleston

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Castiel trying to save an old friendship.

interesting parallel:

season 7 - Crowley says they need Cas’ help to take down Dick and Cas says “I don’t fight anymore but have some honey that I harvested myself”

season 9 - Crowley says they need Cain’s help to take down Abaddon and Cain says “I don’t fight anymore but have some tea with honey that I harvested myself”

Supernatural: if you don’t wanna fight you better be damn tight with the bees

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your name is James Buchanan Barnes

(you’re my friend)

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Castiel. I’m told you came here in an automobile.

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# MeWatchingSupernatural  

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"how many tv shows do you watch?"


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the best of donna noble


Too old to die young now.

Above or below the ground.

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